Monday, March 08, 2010

Lynzi Mae -March 2010

Here are some pics I took of Lynzi on Saturday. I needed a Black and White picture of her to put up on our wall with Elijah's Black and White picture. So I just snapped a few shots before heading to Lynzi's last Upward Cheer leading game since her hair was all curly. I then did some editing with a free online program that I use a lot.

On Sunday evening I notice I had a voicemail from a Walmart photo lab in Wisconsin where I sent these same 3 pictures to have my sister pick them up. The technician said I could not have the pictures without a copyright release from the photographer.
So, I called the technician back and explain to her that I took the pictures, I edited the pictures online and I am not a professional photographer so you do not need a copyright release from me for my sister to pick them up.
Tech -"No, these were done in a studio."
Me- "No, I took them of my kids myself. I am not a photographer"
Tech- "In order for you to pick these up you will need to bring in a copyright release from the photographer."
Me- "No, I am not a professional photographer. You do not need a copyright release form from me."
Tech- "Yes, I do. These pictures were done in a studio. You can have the one in color but the black and white one was done in a studio."
Me- "Ma'am, I took all of those pictures with MY camera, in MY living room. They were not done in a studio....and you have already charged my debit card the $0.60 for the pictures!"
Tech-"No, these were done in a studio and they have been signed for."
Me- "Signed for? What does that mean?"
Tech- "The photographer signed for them and you cannot pick them up without a copyright release."
Me- "Is there someone else I can talk to because you are calling me a liar and I am not."
Tech-"Sure. Hold on."
Moments go by....
Tech- "Someone is coming shortly ma'am."
Me- "Ok, thanks."
More time goes by....
Tech- "My manager said you can have them."
Me- "Ok, great! Thanks!"
Now...all of that for $0.60!!! I know they could have been fined much more...but hello....I explained to you where the pics were taken and by who and that I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER!! I assume the "signing of the pictures" was the "Lynzi Mae" on the picture. If I had gotten that clue earlier I would have explained that "Lynzi Mae" was the girl in the MY LIVING ROOM!!!
Gene thinks the whole thing is funny and wants to display my pics on HIS webpage! LOL

Friday, February 26, 2010

Elijah at 8 Months!!!

Boy time has flown by! I sit here going through all of his 0-6 month clothes, getting them ready for a sale! I look at some of them and go "WOW! He was that little??"

He is sleeping on his sides now...rolling over and over and over. Watch out if he wakes up on his tummy! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! He does not like that! However, during the day he will play on his belly for a few minutes and seem content....FOR A FEW MINUTES!!

He is finally sitting up pretty well by himself. He still gets tired and just falls over. If he is playing with a toy, he doens't seem to mind the fall.

He is enjoying his baby food. He isn't a BIG fan of meats...but he will eat it most of the time. He is starting to drink from a sippy cup. He gets a drink and gets soooooooo excited for more!!!

Here he is with his Aunt Tina. Aunt Tina has only seen him twice. At 1 week old and now at 8 months. I wished she lived closer!!!

Here is his big sister! She will always be our beautiful princess! She loves to dress up and have her hair curled..and she is a VERY GOOD BIG SISTER!!

Here she is with her bestest friend...or worstest friend...depending on the day! They act like rivals at times...ok, most of the time! Maybe they will outgrow it! They do look cute though!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Solo #2

Sunday was Lynzi's 2nd solo. She sang "Everything" from Noelle The First at church. Again we were so proud!! Not only did she sing pretty, she sat still and was attentive to the speaking parts....very respectful!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Lynzi's first solo

Wilbur Wright Elementary Christmas Program 2009

Lynzi's first solo: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Mommy and Daddy was so proud of her! She did a great job. Mommy kept the tears back until the music teacher, her kindergarten teacher and her first grade teacher said what a great job she did. Her first grade teacher said she was the star of the show.

Barry Manilow was playing in between the suites. I think Grandma had something to with that since Barry Manilow was her favorite! Grandma was proud too, I bet! :)